Making a Prospecting List

One advantage of staying Top of Mind is you don’t always have to chase leads, because business often comes to you.

Daylite has the tools you need to stay top of mind with your customers, by keeping all that new potential business organized, with email templates and list building capabilities built right in.

Writing a Letter Template

Letter Templates are the number one way to save time when staying top of mind with your prospects. Letter Templates give you a way to consistently message groups of people, while still giving them your own personal touch.

Here is an example of a Letter Template that uses a Contact’s first name and their phone number kept in Daylite.

Hi <$contact.firstname$>,

*Summer sure has been crazy!

Its amazing how fast time has passed. I was speaking with a client in your neighbourhood a couple days ago and it occurred to me that we haven’t spoken in a while, and that I was thinking of you.

If you need any help, or would like to chat about our proposal, I would be happy to re-connect.

The contact number I have on file is <$contact.defaultPhone.fullPhoneNumber$>. May I still reach you at this phone number?

All the best,

Creating a Letter Template

To create a Letter Template follow these steps:

  1. Choose Daylite > Settings > Letter Templates.

  1. Click on the + sign and name your Letter Template.

  1. Double-click your new Letter Template, then create a message that you can use to stay top of mind.

  2. Be sure to utilize the Available Merge Keys to autofill your Template.

Pro Tip:

Daylite can use the Letter Templates title as the subject of the email. So, if you have a subject in mind, use that as the Title of the Letter Template.

Classifying Prospects

Classifying your Prospects makes it easy to find your Contacts and track them as they move through your funnel. They give you a quick colour coded visual representation of a Contact, as well as making creating lists easy.

Once you have imported your Contacts you can follow the steps below.

  1. Select the Contacts you want to modify.

  1. Choose Daylite > Edit > Bulk Edit.

  1. Click the checkbox next to Category and select Client Prospect from the Category menu.

  2. Click Apply.

Now, all the Contacts you selected will have the category Prospect applied to them, allowing you to keep track of what type of Contact they are to you, and do things like building a list of just your Prospects you need to contact.

Creating a Prospecting List

A Prospecting List is a list of people who you plan on contacting, usually for the first time. In Daylite, the Prospecting List is designed to search your Contacts for all your Prospects, and it automatically updates as you add or change a Contact's Category.

  1. Select People from the Daylite sidebar, then click the + button in the bottom left corner of the sidebar and select New Person Smart List.

Your Smart List will start out looking like this:

  1. Click the + sign to add additional lines as needed.

  2. Click Activity and change to Category > is > Client Prospect.

  3. Click the button to add a new filter line.

  4. Select Do not match any of the following.

  5. Select Activity > in last > 60 > days.

  6. Choose Opportunities > at least one > match all of the following.

  7. Choose State > is > Open.

Pro Tip:

Optimize your Prospecting List and stay "Top of Mind" with your Contacts by changing the Activity field to 30 days instead of 60 or 90 days.

Emailing your Prospecting List

You can email the people in your Prospecting List one at a time, however it’s more efficient to send out a bulk message using a specified Template. Daylite will create personalized emails for each Person in Apple Mail that you can review and send out. This way you can write a consistent message, and also reduce the time it takes to send emails.

  1. Select the Contacts you want to email, then navigate to Edit > Merge > Write Letter in Daylite.

  1. Select the Template you want to use.

  2. Create a Title for your email.

  3. Select Email with compose window from menu.

  4. Select Merge.

Pro Tip:

Save time linking and sending emails by turning on Daylite Mail Assistant auto linking and send emails with the keyboard shortcut Command-D

Wrap Up

Daylite helps you organize your Prospects, create bulk email templates, and nurture those important relationships to help stay top of mind.

Do you have a question about what workflow is best for you? Book your free business consultation today.

Is your Prospecting List becoming too large to keep organized? Consider integrating Daylite with an email marketing tool like MailChimp or Direct Mail.

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