Tracking Your Lead Source

Where is most of your business coming from? What source gives you the best leads or has the highest conversion rate? If you’re not tracking your lead source, you won’t know what to ramp up, what to focus less on, and where there’s opportunity ripe for the picking.

With Daylite you can track where your deals are coming from, use tools to analyze which sources are working and which ones aren't so you can make better decisions, and spend more time focusing on higher generating sources.

Add a deal's source to an Opportunity

In Daylite, you track your deals by creating Opportunities. If you haven't created an Opportunity, check out How to Capture New Business first.

Your deal source is where the lead heard about you. Here are a few examples:

  • Referral

  • Trade Show

  • Social Media

Before you are able to track your sources, you need to create those options in Daylite.

  1. From the menu bar click Daylite > Preferences

  2. Choose Opportunities

  3. Click + and type the name of the source

When you have a new potential deal, create a new Opportunity in Daylite and click Type, and then select the source.

Analyzing your sources

Now that you're tracking your deals by source, you can use Daylite Reports to show you which sources are helping you acquire the most amount of new business.

For more ways to use Insights to measure your deals, read How to Use a Data-Driven Sales Approach

  1. Select Reports

  2. Select Opportunity Analysis

  3. Choose your date range

  4. Click Run

Reading the Opportunity Analysis Report

Which sources are generating the most and least leads

You can't close deals in a market that doesn't exist. That's why knowing where the most leads are coming from is a powerful tool in determining whether or not a source is worth continuing with.

Which sources are generating the most and least revenue

How do you know if your marketing dollars are working? You need to be able to track the revenue you earn on Won Deals and clearly see which ones are generating you the most and least amount of revenue, and whether you're getting an ROI on your marketing.

##Wrap up

By tracking the source of leads for your business and reporting on trends, you can identify which sources are generating the most new business. These insights will help you make better decisions for your business.

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