Delegating Tasks

It can be tough letting go of the reins, trusting that the project you worked so hard on is safe in somebody else's hands. Learning to delegate is an important skillset, especially if you are a manager.

With Daylite, you can delegate Tasks while still maintaining oversight on the entire project.

Delegating Tasks With Daylite

  1. The easiest way to create a Task is to use the New Item button. This button will change depending whether you're looking at Tasks or another item in Daylite.

  2. When you're not viewing Tasks, click the down arrow next to the New Item button and choose to create a Task.

Pro Tip:

When delegating a Task, assign a due date on your Tasks so everyone knows what they need to do, and when the Task is due.

When creating the Task, follow the steps below to delegate it to someone else:

  1. Name and add a description of the Task.

  2. Click Delegate.

  3. Click the pop-up button labelled delegate to and then select a person.

  4. Select the checkbox labelled Notify me of changes.

  5. Click Delegate.

Now, when an assigned Task is updated you will receive a notification in Daylite on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad with a push notification.

Delegating Tasks With Mail Integration

Delegating action items from an email is critical to focusing on the biggest picture and getting control of your inbox. Daylite Mail integration allows you to link an email to a Task, and delegate it straight from your inbox so you can move on to the next issue.

Select the email you wish to delegate and select the Add to Daylite banner.

Click New Task.

  1. In the Task pop up click Delegate, then choose the person you want to delegate this Task to.

  2. Select Notify me of changes, and click Delegate.

The Delegated Task List

The Delegated Task List contains all tasks currently assigned as Delegated To Me and Delegated By Me respectively. These Tasks can be filtered using the filter bar, by user and category, and marked as Done when the Task is completed.

  1. Select the Delegated Task List from the left taskbar.

  2. Highlight the Task you wish to view. You can see the Task details on the right hand side.

  3. You can filter Tasks by user and category using the filter bar.

  4. You can also create additional filters by adding Keywords to your delegated Tasks. This automatically creates a corresponding filter, viewable in the filter bar.

  1. Click on the keyword in filter bar to view your Delegated Task.

Wrap Up

Delegating is undoubtably one of the hardest things you may ever do, especially if you feel invested in the project. Daylite helps you delegate those special projects to your team, and gives you the oversight to maintain control of your business.

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