Integrating with Outlook (beta)

Beta Phase

Daylite for Outlook is still in its beta phase, meaning it is an early release product that has not yet been extensively tested and may not always work as expected.


Daylite for Outlook (beta) allows you to add emails to your contacts, client projects, and sales opportunities directly from your Outlook inbox. Instead of managing your emails in folders or letting them get lost in your inbox, you can save all your client history in Daylite, where it's conveniently linked to the appropriate Contact, Project, or Opportunity for future reference.


Daylite for Outlook is an “add-in” for Outlook. How you install add-ins varies depending on the version of Outlook you’re using. The following Microsoft Support articles will help you with the installation process, or you can watch the video below for instructions using the Outlook for Mac app.

For the Outlook app, see the article Get an Office Add-in for Outlook.

For Outlook on the Web, see the article Using add-ins in Outlook on the web

Important: Outlook for Mac

The Outlook for Mac app now supports non-Microsoft accounts such as IMAP, Google, and iCloud. However, to use add-ins such as Daylite for Outlook, you will need to opt into syncing your email messages to Microsoft Cloud.

When adding a non-Microsoft account to Outlook for Mac, you will need to click "Continue" when prompted to sync your messages to the Microsoft Cloud. If you choose to “Sync directly” you will not be able to use Daylite for Outlook, or any other add-ins. Learn More.


Watch the video below for a quick tour of the current Daylite for Outlook beta.

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